Posted on: January 15, 2009 9:11 am

Things I hate. (1st Edition)

Things I Hate and Why. (In no particular order of importance)

1.) Fish and seafood - if we were supposed to eat this crap, we would live in the same enviroment. We didn't evolve to eat this, how many Lions do you see snacking on seals?
2.) Ties in sports - Especially scoreless ties. That's one of the things that makes soccer not a sport. Ties, so lame, like kissing your sister.
3.) Soccer - So much running around kicking each other in the shins then flopping down and acting like you have epilepsy, all for a 1-0 win. Yecchh!
4.) Thin skinned idiots - Especially ones on this site who "warn" people. Go cry in your closet if you are offended, or grow a pair and speak up for yourself. I know a lot of girls with more of a pair than you warn monkeys.
5.) Hard core religious nuts - I have no problem with people of faith, but if I want to hear about it, I'll ask. Otherwise, shut the (negative afterworld stereotype) up.
6.) Hard core atheists - If your slave-ish devotion for secularism were any better than religious extremists, people wouldn't think you are all such huge moralless bags of slime.
7.) The Baltimore Ravens - Don't get me wrong, they are a good team and I respect their team. That said, this is one of the biggest collection of villianous scumbags outside of felonious Dallas and Cinncinati.
8.) General Idiots - The Constitution may give you a Right to free Speech, but it doesn't make your inane ramblings worth listening to. Think about it before you go all diarrhea of the mouth on others, you are wasting our time.
9.) The weather "down south" - Really, how did your ancestors who moved there, wipe the sweat and bugs off their sun damaged skin and think, "Hey, this is a good place to live"
10.) Fire ants - Bugs suck in general, but these bastiches go out of their way to give you a bad day. Why have a yard if your choices are to cover it in chemicals or pave it over with concrete?
11.) People who can't drive in the rain - It's WATER for pete's sake, not liquid teflon or cooking oil. You don't need to drive like a 90 year old grandmother with Alzheimers just because the humidity is up.
12.) Non-Heinz Ketchup - First of all, if it says catsup, instead of ketchup, don't eat it. When someone says "to sup" they mean eat, and cat is well, a cat. So who wants to eat cat food, besides old cat ladies? Let me make this clear, there is only one ketchup, Heinz. Everything else is sweetened tomato abortion.
13.) People who believe in ghosts - Either these people are just chicken-shXX, or they are stupid. Not one single solitary shred of evidence has pointed to their existence. No scientific theory worth anything has any place for this nonsense. The only reason we hear of them is because weak minded idiots have active imaginations.

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