Posted on: May 8, 2008 12:44 am
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Why Judge Things?

Why judge things?

You may have heard the expression "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything"

 What does it really mean, and is it important?

One of the current cultural mental diseases going around these days is moral relativism. This is the liberal philosophy that equates things that are not equal simply because they are the same class of thing. This is the philosophy that places the same value on a culture that advocates blowing one's self up in order to kill other people, with one that put a man on the moon.

Years ago, the word "discriminate" used to have a positive meaning. It meant being able to tell the difference between things that were not the same. They used to refer to someone who knew the best wines, cigars etc. as someone who had discriminating taste, and this was a compliment. The left has hijacked the word to go with their philosophy of moral relativism. They teach "nothing is better than anything else" and "don't judge things". Repeated exposure to this "it's all good" has left a large number of people incapable of making a judgment. Since everything is equal, how can you decide?


There is no such thing as equal. Equal is a man made concept entirely, and not entirely without its uses (which I'll get to later) Nothing in reality is equal to anything else. No two people are equal (they all have different abilities and flaws). Men and women are not equal (just open your eyes and look at them and you can see the differences). Not even two hydrogen atoms are equal; they occupy two different locations and therefore are not equal. You could even say abstractly that 2 and 2 are not equal since one "2" is said or imagined first and compared to a second "2"

Ok so nothing is equal, what's your point, you might ask? Well realizing that means that some things have more value in different contexts or situations than other things. Learning to evaluate these positives and negatives is what gives us the ability to make judgments and choose things as better or worse. The use that equality has, is in the attempts to treat people as equal even though they cannot be.

Such is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. It allows us to choose, but also makes us responsible for those choices.

That is how I can know the Steelers are Great and the Browns are not.

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